One-off Webpages That Make Life Easier

Below is a list of one-off webpages that are extremely useful in my day-to-day life as a developer. I’d love to hear what other pages I am missing out on or if you have better versions of any of these tools.

1. JSON Beautifier

Simple and clean UI. Handles broken/incomplete JSON very well.

2. Convert Java Date to Millis:

Converts both ways. Nothing special. When I don’t want to load Eclipse.

3. Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison

Not sure how Amazon doesn’t have something like this. Chart form. Easy to compare. Keeps up to date as best as I can tell.

4. Ruby Regex Tester

Clean UI. Legend at bottom. Able to easy test many inputs.

5. Git Cheatsheet

Commonly used commands with descriptions.

6. AWS Service Health Dashboard

Quickly see if a service you depend on is having trouble.

7. AWS Service Pricing

Cost of all services and comparison. A lot of information.

8. Apache Hive Functions:

List of all built-in functions with descriptions.

9. TCP Variables:

Simple list with descriptions all in one place.

10. Find Ruby Gems

Quick way to find and compare gems with same purposes.

11. IP Address Lookup

Most reliable and matches most accurately.

12. Colour Palette Search

User generated palettes that you can search by color.

13. Online Diagram Creator

Great for architecture diagrams.

14. Nerd jokes

When you are having a bad day.

That’s all I have. These help me tremendously through my work day and help make my life more productive. What are yours?

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