So I finished the tutorial.  Overall a pretty good tutorial.  It holds your hand quite a bit, but it tries to give you a good understanding of the fundamentals.  Of course I won’t really know if they missed something until I gain a better understanding of the language.

Some criticisms I have:

– There are too few problems.  They should just have problems after each stage.

– They try to push you to the problems page every chapter or 2 (there are only 6 chapters).  And the problems page has all the problems listed.  There is no ryhme or reason why they take you there.  Even if you have solved all the problems you can at this point (each problem has a set of skills associated with it), they still are all just listed there (albeit with checkmark for accomplished ones).

– (Somewhat a continuation of the point above) The navigation sucks.  They force you to the problem page sometimes (even if you don’t have to go) and then from the problem page there is no way go to the back to the list of lessons.  The only way around this, is to use the browser back button and then hit the breadcrumb link at the top of the lesson pages.

Overall a good tutorial that gives you some basics in about 1-3 hours of time.  Got a better understanding of the yield keyword for sure.


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