So noob its sad

Decided I need to start learning Ruby.  Seems like a good language to learn to build web applications quickly.  There is such a large community out there and tons of help.  I first tried which was a very very simple warm-up.  Really targeted towards people who know nothing about development.  Good just to get a small taste.  Small interactive tutorial which pretty much holds your hand.  I got lost once or twice when I tried to test some other things out.  The tutorial got weird, so I needed to back up sometimes.  I guess I should just follow the path….

I signed up for a free online Ruby course at  It starts in a week, so my goal is to get familiar enough with Ruby to go through this course which will teach me more about how Ruby is used with other technologies.

Now I am on to and going to go through their 54 exercises.  I am hoping I can blow through these in an hour or 2 to gain a better footing around the syntax.  Then I am going to go through RailsForZombies perhaps.  I also heard is good, so probably going to go through that after these to get some concepts down.

Wish me luck!


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